Here’s the rest of the family

To finish off one mighty chapter of lasts years side project. Enjoy! (now let’s look to the future!)



Picture of final 'Absol Y' version (w/corrections)

Final ‘Absol Y’ Version (w/corrections)

Looking back I noticed lines of detail we’re missing on Absol’s feet so here’s the correct, final and most beautiful version of my first illustration on Illustrator. I have to say, I never thought it would’ve been such a pain in the arse to create and after many errors on my part (and the occasional crash for good measure), I’m happy where this small tutorial piece turned out; I also learned illustrator is a great piece of software and to this date after using it more casually for some of my own university projects, I should really see what this graphic tablet hype is all about!

[EDIT: Looking back at older blog posts, I remembered I originally set out with 4 Pokemon, each spelling out a letter of my name. I’ll post the rest later in the various stages I left them but I’m officially done with this side project now]

First Character Shaded!

Image of final 'Absol Y' version

Final ‘Absol Y’ Version

Ethical Practice

Today we also scratched the surface of ‘Ethical Practice’, something that must be considered when using outside parties in my research. This includes such things as written permission (or parental consent), presentation of all potential risks (physiological risks also), outline future uses of data outside the project (e.g. publication) and more. I found this mostly to be common sense but, as I found in a group exercise spotting these potential ethical issues can be a complete confusing and conflicting mess of trying to be ethically sound; for example, a researcher wants to get permission to use story and related photography for an article about a 30 year old murder case. The researcher could get permission and talk to the family directly to get their account of the death of the loved one or he could restrict himself by using openly available information and imagery. The ethical nightmare here is by going to the family directly, you could cause distress or emotional harm to the family; or by simply publishing the article with no communication between the family, this could put the murder case back in the spot light against the family’s wishes putting media attention on them that could cause similarly, distress or emotional harm. What I’ve learnt today is to really consider the relevance of the research material and find a balance between risk and reward.

A New Dawn, A New Beginning

As you probably can’t tell through my intentionally obscure title, today I’ve been introduced to this term’s new project classified under the title of ‘field’. In this project I will, in a manner of speaking explore the city of Cardiff (not limited to though) discovering what I really want to shout out about it, no matter how big or small, obscure or transparent or how old or new it is. Not been limited to any particular medium, it’s currently overwhelming the number of choices I have at my disposal and it will be my job in the next 3 weeks to ‘sniff’ out every kook and cranny of this city, keeping my mind open to every possibility. After these 3 weeks I will be grouped up with people from a wide range of different disciplines throughout the university to share, collaborate and most of all, learn from to discover new ways of thinking and going out about a task. This should be a very interesting experience and, since I already come from a Fine Art background I look forward to further extending my knowledge of other disciplines.

With this project’s brief summary out the way I can start talking about the interesting stuff. For this project I have been given 3 themes: ‘Migration’, ‘Power & Technology’ and ‘Hidden City’. Fortunately for me I have had the experience of using the word ‘Migration’ as part of a prior A level project and I’m truly aware of the limitless possibilities and interruptions one word can provide. The simple concepts of change, time, and motion are all valid here and valid to everything, especially to a city like Cardiff with the constant flow of people and vehicles, the evolution of a city to constantly expand out of its walls, everything is a possibility. Not to disregard ‘Power & Technology’ and ‘Hidden City’, personally and ‘under-advisory’ haven’t selected a theme so I, as said before can find what I really want to say about this city. In interpretation of ‘Power and Technology’, one can explore the struggle and dominance of political power over a city, which could be easily contrasted with the limitless and out-of-control power of ever-evolving technology (e.g. the Internet); as they say, ‘knowledge is power’. Thinking about ‘Hidden City’, one would have the opportunely to explore the lost and forgotten history, places and items which dwell throughout the ever-developing city of Cardiff and place a light on them, to be remembered once more. As you can probably tell, I’m pretty excited about this project (and a bit overwhelmed) with the limitless possibilities this project will in tell.

I also observed and noted down ideas from previous years work to help me start think of data I could collect to explore and experiment with. It’s likely I’ve skipped the gun a little so I’ll discuss this further tomorrow. Please take this as a little spoiler for tomorrow and I apologise for my rough hand writing:

Rough initial ideas listed in notebook

Rough Initial Ideas

3 New Year ‘Graphical’ Revolutions

1. When I need help, ASK FOR IT!

This is something I have to especially overcome, to face my ‘fear’ of presenting unfinished work and ideas, even if the deadline is due/expired. The feeling of my work and, therefore I personally being judged is something I need to throw out the window to start communicating more effectively with my tutors and fellow students.

2. Keep my blog up-to-date (and present older work)

Something I’ve been completely slacking on, is something I feel I need to rectify this year so expect a number of large blog posts in the upcoming weeks. Although I feel this time could be used on something more meaningful like working on current project, the presentation of my work is something I have to learn to prioritize; I may even learn to enjoy it.

3. Manage my time more efficiently

Very self explanatory…

I apologize for the ‘negative’ undertone of this writing but through honesty there’s a point to build up upon to better myself. Thanks for reading.

Translating Pen to Digital Line Drawing

RYAN (preview)

After slaving away a couple of hours on Illustrator I have created a vector line drawing of my 4 Pokémon letter-shaped characters which I feel are looking great, especially for a Illustrator newbie. However it feels like my journey has just begun (and the watching of YouTube Tutorials) where I need to vary my line thickness up so the characters don’t look so flat and 2-demisional but more importantly, attempt to emphasis the letter they’re trying to convey. I also need to look at adding colour and shading but I’ll leave that for next time. Here’s what I came up with today on Illustrator (spells out “Ryan”).