Pechakucha Present-ucha!

After presenting my pechakucha, what it highlighted most was my uncertainty for what organisation I’d like to work with; however, on the flip side what Ian Wier, my tutor said today, “It’s admirable to give a organization a voice which doesn’t have one” really made me re-think working with Mind, a large already established organisation with many great achievements. Because of this I have decided I want to team up with the local student services at my university, Cardiff Metropolitan University and help increase, and encourage use of their services. The other advantage to choosing them is having direct form of communication at my campus, exactly where their main offices are.

I have first hand experience of the sigma behind mental health and the difficulty of coming out and getting help, so this would be a wonderful opportunely to help other students which are in that position. I’m already aware that the communication, or more-or-less failed communication of student services to engage with their audience, the students. I believe everyone is more or less aware of them around campus but rather oblivious of how they can actually help them personally, the most common misinterpretation being they’re there to assist those with dyslexia or other learning difficulties; I think this is the unfortunate reality of any organization which provides such services and the sigma of not wanting to be associated with those with learning difficulties, or more bluntly “retarded” people (don’t mean to offend, just using it to make a point).

I contacted student services so I’ll be awaiting a response from them shortly and hopefully a meeting can be arranged in the incoming week or so. From this I hope to make a detailed project proposal so I can tailor-fit my project around their needs and create a appropriate design solution.

In a little more reflection of today’s pechakucha, it’s clear I need to become more comfortable around group situations and learn to better control my anxiety. I need to learn to feel confident in my work and let my voice justify the effort I put in. Of course this will take a long time to overcome but forcing myself into more scenarios might not be such a bad idea.

Here’s a pdf of my presentaion for reference:

Pechakucha Presentation.pdf