Hello readers, let’s update this mess!

For the year or so I’ve own this blog, I can honestly say I haven’t given too shits about it, pretty clearly presented by the grey boring visuals I lazily gave it and at the time, I hated the very idea of talking about myself with my course forcing me to have one as part of my submission (and I still barely posted anything). I want to change that and make this a place I want to blog and in exchange, a place you want to visit. I’ll post an update list below but feel free to comment any user suggestions 😉

Update Plan:

  • [DONE] Visuals (sorry, to stay consistent with other university blogs, ‘The Clean House’ theme is my only option)
  • [DONE: Decided to use ‘Year 1′ and Year 2’ tags to split contents] New Categories: ‘Life’, ‘News’, archive and ‘bury’ (<–if you want it, you’ll still be able to find it) the mess which was my year 1 university work
  • [DONE] Clean my tags ups! Seriously, I have way to many and the most common ones don’t narrow down the content
  • [DONE: Didn’t include contact details since they’re always present in the header] Pages: ‘About’, ‘Contact’, (probably some more which I haven’t thought of yet)
  • [SUMMER JOB] In the future, redo and create new posts to represent works from my first year (Primarily for tutors, markers and give some online presence to my older works)
  • [DONE] Correct post date and remove dates in the titles of all older posts (so you can order by publish date)
  • and maybe more (widgets and plugins?)!

As a final comment, I’ll likely post about my projects as part of larger infrequent blog post, but hopefully I can make something of my life blog. Fingers Crossed!


3 New Year ‘Graphical’ Revolutions

1. When I need help, ASK FOR IT!

This is something I have to especially overcome, to face my ‘fear’ of presenting unfinished work and ideas, even if the deadline is due/expired. The feeling of my work and, therefore I personally being judged is something I need to throw out the window to start communicating more effectively with my tutors and fellow students.

2. Keep my blog up-to-date (and present older work)

Something I’ve been completely slacking on, is something I feel I need to rectify this year so expect a number of large blog posts in the upcoming weeks. Although I feel this time could be used on something more meaningful like working on current project, the presentation of my work is something I have to learn to prioritize; I may even learn to enjoy it.

3. Manage my time more efficiently

Very self explanatory…

I apologize for the ‘negative’ undertone of this writing but through honesty there’s a point to build up upon to better myself. Thanks for reading.