Here’s the rest of the family

To finish off one mighty chapter of lasts years side project. Enjoy! (now let’s look to the future!)



Picture of final 'Absol Y' version (w/corrections)

Final ‘Absol Y’ Version (w/corrections)

Looking back I noticed lines of detail we’re missing on Absol’s feet so here’s the correct, final and most beautiful version of my first illustration on Illustrator. I have to say, I never thought it would’ve been such a pain in the arse to create and after many errors on my part (and the occasional crash for good measure), I’m happy where this small tutorial piece turned out; I also learned illustrator is a great piece of software and to this date after using it more casually for some of my own university projects, I should really see what this graphic tablet hype is all about!

[EDIT: Looking back at older blog posts, I remembered I originally set out with 4 Pokemon, each spelling out a letter of my name. I’ll post the rest later in the various stages I left them but I’m officially done with this side project now]

First Character Shaded!

Image of final 'Absol Y' version

Final ‘Absol Y’ Version

Translating Pen to Digital Line Drawing

RYAN (preview)

After slaving away a couple of hours on Illustrator I have created a vector line drawing of my 4 Pokémon letter-shaped characters which I feel are looking great, especially for a Illustrator newbie. However it feels like my journey has just begun (and the watching of YouTube Tutorials) where I need to vary my line thickness up so the characters don’t look so flat and 2-demisional but more importantly, attempt to emphasis the letter they’re trying to convey. I also need to look at adding colour and shading but I’ll leave that for next time. Here’s what I came up with today on Illustrator (spells out “Ryan”).

Object (Part 2) Final Piece: Improvements!

Final v2

Object Part 2 Final Piece (w/improvements)

Object (Part 2) Final Piece

Final v1

Object (Part 2) Final Piece

Object (Part 1) Final Piece

Image of Object (Part 1) Final Piece

Object (Part 1) Final Piece