Field Term Deux: Anything, everything and the kitchen sink!

Picture of a 3d printed object resembling me

A 3d Printed Me!

Ah, being the last week of my second field choice maybe it’s about time to reflect and make plans to use all my newly accumulated knowledge and create something “wondrous”! Starting from the beginning, for the last 5 weeks or so I have been studying the field option ‘The Real & The Virtual Internet of Things’ which explores the use of technology and it’s real life physical presence/influence it has on our lives, or potentially in the near future and what these tools mean for us artists and designers; the connection between the virtual and physical world and how an artifact can share both presences. This project has primarily been an introducion to the various pieces of technology which already exist or currently within development; this has helped give me perspective on “how large my toolbox really is” and as an individual who studies Graphic Design, a degree which essentially is the study and development of idea and concept, I find these possibilities all very exciting as you never know what you’ll be picking up next.

In these 5 weeks we’ve looked at Augmented Reality (QR Codes, Augment, Aurasma, IFTTT, AestheticodesGoogle Glass, Microsoft HoloLens), Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift), 3D Printing and Modeling (MakerBot, Sense 3D scannerAutodesk Meshmixer), Micro PCs and how they can be programmed to do practically anything (Raspberry Pi and programming tools like Geany and Python), TUI (Tangible User Interface) where digital information can be interacted within physical environments (e.g. Microsoft PixelSense used within in the context of a menu in a restaurant, closely linked to that RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology (e.g. Skylander figures with digital in-game interactions) and so much more!

Introductory image to Soundscape (image of Cardiff Bay)

Capturing the sounds of Cardiff Bay

Our teacher Alexandros also introduced us to the project Soundscape, a project he’s personally participating in which, in current state involves the mapping of sound to capture and compare the atmospheres of particular cities. You can check in out here. Currently they’ve only captured a town in germany but we’ve been tasked to map out Cardiff and what makes it unique. Reflecting on this task, I really like the concept of this project giving a audioable perspective on our very visually dominat consumption of how we log are enviroments

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Lecture Notes: Post-Perspective

‘Eternal Forest’ by Charles Avery

‘Eternal Forest’ by Charles Avery

My first constellation session was lectured by Dr. Jon Clarkson who explored the idea the perspective in art. Such perspectives include historic, human, non-human or perhaps a piece that presents multiple perspectives which can’t be all comprehended at the same time. Of course I’m not really doing it justice but I my thoughts, I found this lecture very interesting putting something in light which is always present in our work; however honestly I don’t feel compelled to further research this topic although been more consciously aware of perspective and how it can be played and manipulated with sure will help in my future works. Before I go I leave you a piece called ‘Eternal Forest’ by Charles Avery, a piece which plays with the ideas laid here quite nicely.

Lecture Notes!

Day One of Constellation

Today I was introduced to the constellation and study skills sessions I will be partaking in throughout the next 3 years which will result (gulp..) in a dissertation of a subject of my choosing. Looking at the smaller picture I will essentially be exposed to a large number of study subjects throughout this year to help me decide upon a question or point of study I want to answer which will result in a essay (for submission) at the end of the year. With the formalities out the way, to be exposed to so much in one day is rather intimidating but at least I know what I’ve got myself into. Not too much more to say so, I will be leaving a “virtual” copy of my notes at the end of every constellation post for my reference and your curiosity (don’t expect any legibility).

Lecture Notes!