Hello readers, let’s update this mess!

For the year or so I’ve own this blog, I can honestly say I haven’t given too shits about it, pretty clearly presented by the grey boring visuals I lazily gave it and at the time, I hated the very idea of talking about myself with my course forcing me to have one as part of my submission (and I still barely posted anything). I want to change that and make this a place I want to blog and in exchange, a place you want to visit. I’ll post an update list below but feel free to comment any user suggestions 😉

Update Plan:

  • [DONE] Visuals (sorry, to stay consistent with other university blogs, ‘The Clean House’ theme is my only option)
  • [DONE: Decided to use ‘Year 1′ and Year 2’ tags to split contents] New Categories: ‘Life’, ‘News’, archive and ‘bury’ (<–if you want it, you’ll still be able to find it) the mess which was my year 1 university work
  • [DONE] Clean my tags ups! Seriously, I have way to many and the most common ones don’t narrow down the content
  • [DONE: Didn’t include contact details since they’re always present in the header] Pages: ‘About’, ‘Contact’, (probably some more which I haven’t thought of yet)
  • [SUMMER JOB] In the future, redo and create new posts to represent works from my first year (Primarily for tutors, markers and give some online presence to my older works)
  • [DONE] Correct post date and remove dates in the titles of all older posts (so you can order by publish date)
  • and maybe more (widgets and plugins?)!

As a final comment, I’ll likely post about my projects as part of larger infrequent blog post, but hopefully I can make something of my life blog. Fingers Crossed!


One Comment on “Hello readers, let’s update this mess!”

  1. olwen says:

    Hi Ryan, good to see you engaging with this. I have a few comments and suggestions on your plan.

    Update Plan:

    as you can see the clean home theme allows for personalisation and enough variety while being organised so that there’s consistency

    Keep it simple. There are some categories that are mandatory, Constellation, Field and Subject.
    Life and news posts could be in the personal category you have already.

    Don’t confuse this with a professional/personal web page or portfolio – we’ll be working on that later this year. This is meant to be a reflective learning journal/blog

    I will send you the guidelines on reflective blogging and also some links to some good examples.

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