Here’s the rest of the family

To finish off one mighty chapter of lasts years side project. Enjoy! (now let’s look to the future!)


So let’s write a Dissertation…

Rough Dissertation Thoughts (relating to the video game industry)

Un-Organised Mess of Thoughts!

The biggest bane of any student, “What do I write my dissertation about?”; I actually feel a little ahead on this as I know from the bottom of my heart it has to be related to the video game industry, no questions asked. As a art and design student I do feel a little hesitant as the subject doesn’t directly reflect upon my practise with the possibility of limited support for an out of subject topic in the school of art and design; however this subject matter fascinates me and is a industry I aim to be part of. As you can see above I roughly jotted down potential questions and subject matters in Google Keep through mostly a combination of my own knowledge and a little research. What a big, wonderful and scary subject matter to explore! I brainstormed matters ranging from the value of contemporary media, censorship, ‘art games’ vs. video games and the obscured definition of what a video game actually is but eventually, I have decided on the topic ‘The Controversy behind Scores, Ratings and Grading’, primarily targeted towards the video game industry which I’ll pitch to my constellation tutor tomorrow. In further and less gibberish than my notes, I want to explore the controversy of social, gender and political opinion in critic and the repercussion of adding a summary score, the effect review aggregate sites (e.g. Metacritic) have by manipulating alternative score structures (e.g. 2/5, 30/50, 6/10) to their own (#/100), ‘buyers guide’ review and professional game critic review and the consequence of being one, the other or both today and lastly compare how other artistic industries (e.g. traditional art, film, television, etc.) have dealt/currently deal with these issues (of course, as I research more into my dissertation proposal, I’ll find more sub-topics to explore). I aim to come to a conclusion about the inclusions of summary scores in reviews and hope to create recommendations about the handling of review score/summary in the future.

Hello readers, let’s update this mess!

For the year or so I’ve own this blog, I can honestly say I haven’t given too shits about it, pretty clearly presented by the grey boring visuals I lazily gave it and at the time, I hated the very idea of talking about myself with my course forcing me to have one as part of my submission (and I still barely posted anything). I want to change that and make this a place I want to blog and in exchange, a place you want to visit. I’ll post an update list below but feel free to comment any user suggestions 😉

Update Plan:

  • [DONE] Visuals (sorry, to stay consistent with other university blogs, ‘The Clean House’ theme is my only option)
  • [DONE: Decided to use ‘Year 1′ and Year 2’ tags to split contents] New Categories: ‘Life’, ‘News’, archive and ‘bury’ (<–if you want it, you’ll still be able to find it) the mess which was my year 1 university work
  • [DONE] Clean my tags ups! Seriously, I have way to many and the most common ones don’t narrow down the content
  • [DONE: Didn’t include contact details since they’re always present in the header] Pages: ‘About’, ‘Contact’, (probably some more which I haven’t thought of yet)
  • [SUMMER JOB] In the future, redo and create new posts to represent works from my first year (Primarily for tutors, markers and give some online presence to my older works)
  • [DONE] Correct post date and remove dates in the titles of all older posts (so you can order by publish date)
  • and maybe more (widgets and plugins?)!

As a final comment, I’ll likely post about my projects as part of larger infrequent blog post, but hopefully I can make something of my life blog. Fingers Crossed!


Picture of final 'Absol Y' version (w/corrections)

Final ‘Absol Y’ Version (w/corrections)

Looking back I noticed lines of detail we’re missing on Absol’s feet so here’s the correct, final and most beautiful version of my first illustration on Illustrator. I have to say, I never thought it would’ve been such a pain in the arse to create and after many errors on my part (and the occasional crash for good measure), I’m happy where this small tutorial piece turned out; I also learned illustrator is a great piece of software and to this date after using it more casually for some of my own university projects, I should really see what this graphic tablet hype is all about!

[EDIT: Looking back at older blog posts, I remembered I originally set out with 4 Pokemon, each spelling out a letter of my name. I’ll post the rest later in the various stages I left them but I’m officially done with this side project now]