Translating Pen to Digital Line Drawing

RYAN (preview)

After slaving away a couple of hours on Illustrator I have created a vector line drawing of my 4 Pokémon letter-shaped characters which I feel are looking great, especially for a Illustrator newbie. However it feels like my journey has just begun (and the watching of YouTube Tutorials) where I need to vary my line thickness up so the characters don’t look so flat and 2-demisional but more importantly, attempt to emphasis the letter they’re trying to convey. I also need to look at adding colour and shading but I’ll leave that for next time. Here’s what I came up with today on Illustrator (spells out “Ryan”).


WordPress Custom Header Characters!

Having played way too much Pokémon X lately, as well as my work on my recent typography introductory project I have been inspired to do something which integrates both aspects while attempting to give my blog a sense of individuality; therefore I decided, at least for now I would re-design my blog header. The layout of my blog is still been decided however I have made a series of drawings of different Pokémon in the shapes of letters (which conveniently spell out my first name, “Ryan”) although again, how they’re going to be used and integrated is still in the state of progression. I do plan to digitally recreate these images through Illustrator, a medium I’m currently planning to use to make the header (maybe Photoshop as well). This will give me a further opportunity to ‘play’ with Illustrator and further my understanding of it (especially colouring and shading). Without further or do, here are my current designs: