The Plan

Image of Prototype Plan

Prototype Plan

Thinking About Context


Photography Workshop

Photography Workshop Sheet

Photography Workshop Sheet

Day One of Constellation

Today I was introduced to the constellation and study skills sessions I will be partaking in throughout the next 3 years which will result (gulp..) in a dissertation of a subject of my choosing. Looking at the smaller picture I will essentially be exposed to a large number of study subjects throughout this year to help me decide upon a question or point of study I want to answer which will result in a essay (for submission) at the end of the year. With the formalities out the way, to be exposed to so much in one day is rather intimidating but at least I know what I’ve got myself into. Not too much more to say so, I will be leaving a “virtual” copy of my notes at the end of every constellation post for my reference and your curiosity (don’t expect any legibility).

Lecture Notes!

Reading an Image

Material, Function and First Briefing

Illustrator Workshop

(Tell experience, Link to personal project)

In the Studio

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Form Task